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25 November 2011 @ 01:58 am
[Fic] Love Always Conquer - Prologue & Chapter 1  
Title: Love Always Conquers
Author: KawaiiMaix3
Pairing: Kim Jonghyun x Kim Kibum [Key], Choi Minho x Lee Taemin, (Side Couple) Shin SeKyung x Kim Jonghyun
Rating: PG - NC-17 
Genre: Tragedy, Romance
Summary: After a drastic accident between JongKey, Taemin wonders how is their relationship still so strong and he envies them at the same time. 

Author's Note: Most chapters are in 1st person view <3 Yes I know I have kind of abandoned my other fics. But I will do my BEST, do continue them!!!! <3

This chapter is in Taemin's Point of View ~

 I have always envied Jonkey's relationship. It is just .... so perfect. The reason I say that is because they have went through so much yet Jonghyun-hyung and Key-umma are still together. I feel so happy for them, yet I wonder how does Jonghyun-hyung handle all of the stress... stress from the accident involving Key-umma over a year ago.

Chapter 1

We had just completed one of our most successful concerts ever in the US and we were finally going to have a break after so long back in South Korea. The say after the concert we decided to walk around the beautiful but busy city of Seoul.

Jongkey were walking arm in arm while me and Minho were walking hand in hand. Onew was alone looking at different chicken spots to eat at for himself. We were barely wearing disguises and nobody recognized us, thank GOD.

Jongkey walked to us and asked if we wanted to go out to eat lunch with them. Minho looked at me and asked if I wanted to go. I smiled and told him yes. When Key-umma was describing the restaurant to me, I saw a few black figures behind him and they looked like they were glaring at him. I didn't really pay no mind cause I thought they were looking at the wrong person.

Walking to the restaurwant was very calm and exciting. I thought it was funny seeing Jonghyun tease umma for being girly and umma replying about his height. But they were so cute. I talked to Minho-hyung about what we may eat when we get there. I love him so much, he is just the best, and he protects me a lot.

When we got to the restaurant, the waitress looked at Minho-hyung and Jonghyun-hyung and gave off a seductive smile. I glared at her and told Key-umma about her. 

"How about we make her jealous" he smirked. 
"I have a great idea" I whispered with an evil smirk on my face. I whispered in his ear the plan.

When we got to our table the whore-waitress showed us to our table, we tried placing our orders. This stupid bitch didn't even pay no mind to me or umma, only Jonghyun-hyung and MY Minho. I looked at Key and he looked at me. The plan was beginning.

"Minho-ah can you tell this whore to write down my order?" I said as innocent as possible. I looked at her and her eyes widened slightly. In my mind, I was laughing so hard. "Jjong ~ this bitch hasn't taken my order !!!!" Diva umma came out. I started laughing harder in my head. Her face was priceless.

Minho-ah and Jonghyun-hyung looked at the waitress and glared. At the same time, they said "Take their order. Now" We chuckled at her response. While trembling, she took our order. We gave them a kiss as a thank you and her eyes widened to the biggest point. 'Take that bitch..' I smirked. 

When we got our food, I noticed the men that were outside glaring at umma entered the restaurant and stared directly as him. Now I got a little scared....

What were they doing here? Why were they staring at umma like that?

I looked over at Minho and pulled him down to whisper in his ear everything I noticed about the men wearing black and staring at umma. He looked at me and frowned slightly. "We cannot tell them now, we shouldn't ruin this perfect day. We don't even know them. Maybe they know Key-hyung from somewhere" I agreed with him because I don't want something like this messing it up, especially if Key-umma knows them. But something in my mind made me not let it go. "Just look out for them please Minho-ah." I kissed his cheek. He smiled and nodded.

"I'm going to the bathroom." I heard umma say. We all nodded. "Hurry back Kibum-ah~" Jonghyun-hyung whined. I swear sometimes he acts like a little baby! Hahaha, even umma thinks that!!

I never noticed the men left their table and followed umma into the bathroom in the back.

After waiting quite a while, Minho and I have gotten worried a little. Then I looked over at the table where the men glaring at umma was. It was EMPTY!!! Oh my god, oh my god, where did they go?

"Minho! They're gone!" I whispered.
"Who's gone?" Jonghyun-hyung asked.

I told him about everything I noticed and right when I finished the story we heard a scream from the back. 

"AAAAAH!!!! HELPPP!!!" that sounded like Key-umma ......

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