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11 November 2011 @ 01:15 pm
Day 11: My first impression of SHINee  

When I first saw them I was thinking .... YUMMY x3 


Taemin's First Impression:
I saw Taemin in the Ring Ding Dong video, I was just like ... ugh /= I really don't like his hair. I personally think Taemin's hair just ruined him in the video. Even though his face was really cute and young looking. 

Minho's First Impression:
When I first saw Minho I thought he was the second oldest !!! His hair made him look young but at the same time, it made him look like one of the oldest. 

Key's First Impression:
I swore on EVERYTHING, Key was the YOUNGEST. He just looked so YOUNG when I first saw him! He looked the sexiest and the youngest :X <3

Jonghyun's First Impression:
I thought Jonghyun was the oldest :) <3 He had the triple-colored blonde & was ROCKING it !

Onew's First Impression:
I personally thought he looked kind of stiff in Ring Ding Dong .... like... his facial expressions didn't really have emotions O_O

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